Weekend Retreat
We have curated a precious container to journey together on the path to wellness, spiritual awakening and deep soul nurturing in the magic of rural Ontario.

We welcome you to our healing retreat for a 3-day and 2-night weekend getaway, where we explore the blessings of different healing modalities such as the power of Meditation, Movement, Qigong, Yoga, Breath Work, Energy Healing, Nutrition and expanding our consciousness through the offerings of Mother Earth at our wonderful Farm.  

We have a beautiful flow of activities and workshops planned for you to connect with and tap into in order to support your own unique healing powers.  We will get to know each other and establish trust and safety to help you navigate life’s rocky terrain. Coming as strangers and leaving as family.  You are safely guided during ourretreat weekend or day where you will be divinely held and supported in this peace filled space.  

You may be attending alone or with a partner to rekindle a relationship.  Our hope is that you will leave feeling nourished, renewed & recharged.  We are excited to have you journey with us.

You will be greeted by your passionate facilitators and given a warm welcome, a tour of the grounds and care packages as we show you your room. We are a group of 5 to 10 including the facilitators, who will be available to guide your journey. Take your time to ground, unwind and freshen up before meeting the other participants in the grand room.

Enjoy a hot cup of tea while we all begin to connect as a group. There will be so many beautiful like-minded souls gathered and all searching for more, ready to be served the sweet connections of unconditional love and expansion.

Our first night is dedicated to connection, community and activity! Let's get to know each other and feel comfortable in our new environment for the weekend with some icebreaker activities, sharing circle and intention setting. We guide you through a grounding meditation then we open the sacred space.  We will then relax after dinner with a sound bath using beautiful healing instruments to soften the heart and elevate the vibration.

Each morning you will participate in morning Qigong to regulate the nervous system, activate the Qi and calm the mind.  We will then lead you in a Sun Salutation Yoga practice to get the blood flowing and awaken our mind, body and spirit.

During the day, we will hold heart-centred workshops and sharing circles to encourage your connection to Self, Source, and the Souls around you.

The Workshops will relate to mastering your thoughts, breath work and meditation to revitalize you and nutrition paired with yoga to support your body.  

We will also be conducting one-on-one energy healing sessions to identify and address your unique emotional root causes of your loudest struggle on Saturday and Sunday to leave you feeling empowered and emotionally lighter.  

This retreat is curated to helpguide You + support You + To hold space for You Whatever you are going through...

Whether you just want to be in a sacred space or community and feel a sense of belonging or need a break from the obligations of daily life.  Maybe your goal is to meditate more this year, or maybe you have just been meaning to take up Qigong or Yoga or you'vecome to experiment with energy healing. Perhaps you are a seasoned yogi who wants to be at the other end of receiving or simply you just want to meet like-minded people and talk about the power of the Mind, the Moon and Spirit, we serve you with an incredible weekend of all of that and more, we will nourish your mind, body and soul.

It could be that you've been challenged recently, experienced loss, failure, heartbreak, you've had to let people go or you've had to say good bye to parts of yourself that NO LONGER SERVE YOU.

Maybe you’ve recently chosen sober living and want to create momentum and meet like-minded people, maybe you've been healing on your own for too long or maybe you've been through those DARK MOMENTS where it feels like no one will ever truly understand.

WE ARE HERE TO BE YOUR ANCHOR. To help YOU navigate all of those emotions and feelings. To gift YOU the PRACTICES to come back to your Self and Love.



*   NUTRITIOUS DIET and so much more!!

What Makes This Retreat Special

This retreat is curated to help guide, support and hold space for You and whatever you are going through.

We are here to offer you a safe space at our farm to holistically take care of You.

We are a soul inspired tribe of intuitive guides trained in Yoga, Breath Work, Mind-Body Connection, Trauma-Informed Coaching, Mindset Coaching, Energy Healing and Holistic Nutrition to serve and guide you through a powerful reset retreat experience.

We have lovingly curated a weekend where we intend to go deep within ourselves and invite you to come along.  Our hope is for you to create an open heartand mind that is ready and willing to receive the blessings we have to offer you at this divine time.


Each day is specially curated to empower and transform you over the 3 day and 2 night weekend stay.

Upon arrival at this magical farm property, you will feel the energy immediately! It is a wonderful vortex that flows through you! The sun shining upon your arrival, the fresh breeze on your skin and the smell of nature surrounding you.

The first night is about connection and community. Get to know your fellow participants and feel comfortable in your new space! The bonfire pit the night of arrival will have music and dancing and community building exercises so we can start our connection with each other.

On Saturday and Sunday, wake up to a delicious and nutritious breakfast then start the morning with an energizing yoga. We will then we get ready for our special individual one on one tailored workshops.  

There will also be plenty of time during your afternoons for rest, reflection, processing, and immersing oneself in nature. Enjoy sunbathing, swimming in our warm salt pool, journaling, sitting by the fire or connecting and spending time with a new Sacred Soul family member.

Evenings are for Ceremony: We wear white attire, we enter a sacred space and connect to Source, Mother Earth and sit with ceremonial grade Cacao.

We pair it with some healing modalities: we dive into a profound Meditation and Breath work session with the support of high frequency music, intuitive movement and ecstatic dance. We sing releasing what no longer serves us and elevating our vibration as a collective.


All nutritious meals will be prepared by Holistic Nutritionists throughout the retreat, taking into consideration any dietary restrictions you may have.  Please let us know when booking.
Herbal Teas and Snacks will be available throughout the day.

You will automatically have access to any of our weeklyand/or monthly virtual meditation and dancing healing circles for free as part of the program.

Upcoming dates:

- June 9-11, 2023

- August 12-14, 2023

*3, 6 and 12 month Payment plans are available.  Please Dm me on Instagram for prices and if you are interested in a payment plan.


* Full weekend $1,111 (limited spots)

* Saturday Day Only $333 (limited spots)
To reserve your spot e-transfer to info@myurbanescape.ca

If you have any questions please DM me on