Meet Our Team

Jenny Smeh, RHN

My life changed when my son was diagnosed with Autism.  I began researching ways to help him thrive, however to our surprise, it was my husband and I that needed more help than him.

By studying different therapies and nutrition I found that it was a combination pulled from different areas that worked for us both from a cognitive and physical well-being point of view. We all saw a great change in our family health and happiness.  Soon we were engaging those closest to us to share this newly found knowledge and started seeing changes in their mind and bodies as well.

Understanding the impact we were seeing, we decided to build a practice and a retreat that would help other individuals and families that were searching for the same goals.

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Holly Weller, RHN, Rt 325 hr

My love for yoga began as a therapeutic recovery tool after a running injury.  While healing and strengthening my knee, yoga created the connection I needed in my life between my mind, my body and most importantly my spirit.  

A yoga teacher training program then magically found me which focused on Hatha and Kundalini yoga.  I love to create classes incorporating my training as an advanced Reiki Practioner, Holistic Nutritionist and Meditation specialist.  

Being of service to my community is one of my core beliefs and I now feel honoured to support others on their own personal healing journey.

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Megan Atherley, RHN

Country living has shown me the importance of slowing down to appreciate nature, quiet, home grown food, and the company of those I love.  My learning and experience with a natural, whole food diet has shown me how I can feel my best and how to avoid chemicals and pesticides in my food, water, and the air that I breathe.  I want to share with others what I have learned and how I experience my surroundings every day.

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