At Urban Escape our nutritionists and wellness coaches will educate and motivate you to stay focused on your wellness goals.  We will guide you on your path to choosing not only the right foods but explain the why, when, and how to eat certain foods for optimal health.  This approach improves your ability to absorb vital vitamins and minerals by enhancing your nutritional balance, which can reduce inflammation, disease, and has a direct impact on how you feel, and look.  We encourage organic, local, and seasonal whole foods as a path to increased health and vitality.

Nutrition Packages

We want to offer you what is best for you, here are some basic packages, everything is customizable. Please contact us with any questions


15 minutes Assessment Call
Initial consultation


60-90 minutes
Initial Consultation


60 minutes
Follow-up Consultations


Basic Nutritional Package 1
Initial Consultation
3 consults
Additional Services and Testing: GI Map (Gut microbiome test),MRT (Food sensitivities), EnviroTox Complete panel (Mold, Glyphosate and Heavy Metals), Organic Acids (Vitamin and Mineral markers), Dutch Plus (Hormones), Functional Blood Chemistry, Candida, and more. (Call for pricing)

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