Who we are


We are like minded friends and holistic practitioners with a dream to make this world a better place.  We feel we must be good stewards to work towards creating a healthy planet, healthy bodies, and healthy minds to be able to reach our full potential.  By removing toxins in the body, and toxic thoughts from the mind and spirit, we can purify/cleanse our life for optimal health.  

Our bodies can and will regenerate when provided with the appropriate food and supplements. We would like to guide you through your journey by teaching you how to get back to the basic healing properties of natural, alive, good quality foods that may have been neglected in the standard Canadian diet and become the best that you can be…

We have witnessed dramatic changes in people’s lives by implementing our basic holistic health principles in their everyday life.  We will love to help you do the same.


Mary N. – Feb 2021
I was skeptical and afraid about consulting a nutritionist, however I did it because my kids insisted. I am and old woman and set in my ways and didn’t want to change my lifestyle. My kids were concerned because I was taking antidepressants and other medication that didn’t seem to help. Once I started working with Jenny a year ago, she was very patient and did not force anything on me. She allowed me to make my own choices and help me understand the benefits of changing my lifestyle. She even taught me about proper breathing techniques and  meditation. Over a year later I am off all my medication and I am happy and socializing again with my family and friends that I withdrew from due to the years of depression. Thank you Jenny, you gave me my life back!!

Alexandra P.- June 2021
My experience of Holly as a Yoga Instructor has been absolutely exquisite. She has a clear vision of theme for each class, is incredibly punctual and incorporates her own personal touches of poetry, Angel Cards and blessings into each class. Her pacing is a perfect match for whichever level of class she is teaching. She is masterful at finding a place for all levels in any pose, is a strong and skilled practitioner and has a great sense of humour when she is not able to execute the way she might like. I have loved all of the classes I have taken with her and recommend her to anyone looking for peace, grace and joy in a yoga practice.

Monique A. - Oct 2020
I have had the privilege of taking yoga classes with Holly and the classes have been a treat. She is warm, friendly and engaging. She takes the time to welcome everyone to the class and is supportive and encouraging throughout. I enjoy how accessible the classes are to students of all levels and body types. She is knowledgeable and offers modifications for many of the poses, taking into consideration that not every body can do every pose. Additionally, she Incorporates a spiritual aspect to her classes which I love, with mentions of chakras and their connection to yoga.  She often pulls an angel cards at the end of her class and sometimes shares inspirational quotes, which always feel timely and needed. I feel relaxed and inspired after her classes. Holly is a terrific yoga teacher and I highly recommend her classes.

Michael S. - Sep 2019
I'm not exactly sure where to start with Jenny and how she has turned the clock back on my health and well-being, there's a lot to say so I’ll start with a little history.  Since childhood I've dealt with asthma, allergies, eczema, and a constant yo-yo of my weight fluctuating up and down by 20 or more pounds, the trend however as I got older is for it to go up more than it goes down.   Jenny started by assessing these issues and the diet I’d been on for a very long time.  She suggested elimination of somethings to try and establish root cause, working through this detective work over many months.  Along the way she suggested different food and supplements as well as how to prepare them in new ways.  The most interesting thing about this journey is that with Jenny's help, I inherently started recognizing the signs that my body was trying to tell me, but I was unaware of.   The first thing that happened once the right foods and supplements were targeted was the incredible amount of energy I seemed to have, no lulls in the afternoon, lessened cravings for pop, drive-throughs etc.  This trend of feeling better also continued with the childhood ailing’s: eczema, allergies seemed to disappear, even through the spring and fall peak times.  incredibly the asthma seemed to become less frequent episodes to now a few years later where I don't need inhalers at all.  Over these couple of years I’ve lost about 30 lbs without consciously trying or starving myself. My blood levels that were heading towards high cholesterol readings are now perfectly balanced, even my doctor was amazed at the results.   I can't thank Jenny enough for where I've gotten to, and in my 50s I'm healthier and have more energy than I had 15 years ago.